CVS Pharmacy

There are various types of pharmacies which dispense a doctor’s orders, two of which are retail pharmacies and hospital pharmacies [1]. Some examples of retail pharmacies are: CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Target, some private pharmacies such as DMC-RX in Chantilly, Virginia, and even some grocery store pharmacies. As an example, CVS pharmacies use the systems called “RX Connect” and “RX 2000” to assist the pharmacy staff in dispensing prescriptions [2]. The “RX 2000” program was upgraded to “RX Connect” in 2009 as a means to improve efficiency and accuracy. Unlike RX 2000, RX Connect is a more windows-based system, which is convenient for the adjusting pharmacy staff because of the familiarity with a personal computer. At least four hundred and thirty stores were made active in utilizing this system every week [4]. There is a variety of different ways that this is accomplished [3]:

  • Create fill lists
  • Print IV labels
  • Check drug interactions
  • Check allergies
  • Review drug utilization
  • Control formulary
  • Manage inventory
  • Track statistics
  • Implement discharge counseling
I'm currently a pharmacy major and at the same time, I currently work at CVS/Pharmacy as a certified pharmacy technician. CVS has undergone a complete system change since I'd first been hired there, so I know first hand just how the system is. From my personal opinion, I know the system could stand to be quicker and more efficient. It has trouble understanding the commands of the user and tends to freeze during certain activities, which greatly hinders the pharmacy staff's ability to work effectively. If anything, the system should not have been rolled out so prematurely. 


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